The Krull is a vicious tribe of cannibalistic halflings that hold a territory in the eastern most concave of the Forest Ridge. When speaking to outsiders they always give the tribal name first, as they are very proud of their heritage. They are fiercely loyal to tribe and those they take as allies, punishing betrayal with mind shattering savagery. They accept and appreciate preserving magic but hold the torture they use for betrayers and those that would defile.

Their leader is a powerful preserver with a talent for shrewd negotiation named Cerka. He rules his tribe mates with righteous compassion, but has no mercy for halflings who betray their people or for other races that threaten halflings. He sent his son Fullgrin and several others, including Nanook east through the Ringing Mountains to Tyr, in order to find a trade route to bring iron goods for their tribe to trade with the neighboring halfling tribes, to increase both prestige and power.


•In the middle of the Forest Ridge of Athas, just over the Ringing Mountains from Tyr.

•Nestled into an immense and deep jungle. Many waterways crisscross through and the area is situated in one of the most life abundant places on Athas.

At a Glance

Crime, Punishment, Trade and Commerce

•A tribal society where the clan leaders are spiritually “reborn” in the eyes of the clan. Children are raised communally and not claimed by any one individual as mother or father. The exception to this is when a child shows signs of the spirit-link with the primal ancestors. That child then becomes the “son” or “daughter” of the chieftan and is groomed to rule after the current leader passes away. Superstition has it that the spirit of the chieftan then passes from the former leader to the spirit-chosen child.

•The Krull are perservers and primal casters by the majority and nuture the land they live upon. They deal with intruders, enemies and defilers all in the same fashion, often eating their livers.

•Although it is common for the halfling tribes to war with their neighbors in the Forest Ridge, the Krull have existed peacefully with their neighbors for two generations now. Although the other tribes nearby seem to object to the idea of opening trade with the Tyr region.


•The Krull Tribe are very spiritual, worshipping and tying the spirits that blur between the plans within the Forest Ridge with their everyday lives. They are secluded from the majority of traditional Athasian society and therefore are hard for traditional Athasians to understand. They put the clan first in all endeavors and believe that the spirits of their ancestors will always be reborn as something within their tribal lands unless the spirit can not be returned to it’s home totem. They are very loosely comparable with the Sora People

Notable Features and Places

•*Summoning Center* – At the center of the main Krull settlement is a large pit cleared out in a perfectly round flat expanse. This area is used to rituals and summoning of the spirits of the forest. The Krull also use this center for feasts and holidays. Often the dancing and chanting of the Krull can be heard echoing through the spirit linked creatures of the Forest Ridge for miles and miles during such spirit summonings.

People and Personalities

Tribal Halflings

Chieftan Cerka


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