Forest Ridge

Rumors and reports filter across the Tablelands, whispers about a vast and untamed wilderness beyond the Ringing Mountains where rain falls every day and trees grow so tall and thick that the sun struggles to shine through the canopy. Most Athasians doubt that such a fantastical place could exist on their dying world, but exist it does. Beneath the mighty peaks of the Ringing Mountains is the Forest Ridge, a region unlike any other on Athas. It is a wild, verdant land of dense jungles choked with vines, bracken, brambles, and countless species of animals and plants. Here one can find a glimpse of the world as it should have been.

But for all its abundance, wonder, and plentiful water, the Forest Ridge is no haven. The dim light shining through the tangled boughs does little to reveal the dangers lurking in the shadows, hidden behind beautiful colors. Competition in the jungle is fierce, and the denizens must adapt or be devoured. Deadly predators both animals and plants camouflage themselves in a hundred ways in the dense canopy and undergrowth.

Like much of the rest of Athas, the Forest Ridge is filled with ruins. Dizzying mountain roads, mighty colossi, and hidden citadels carved by ancient hands lie unexplored in the jungles, remnants of a long-lost halfling civilization.


•In the West of the Tyr Region and on the Western side of the nearly impassable Ringing Mountains, the Forest Ridge is a large verdant area bordering the entirety of the Tyr Region from Southwest to Northeast.

•The nearest city-state, though nearly inaccessible, is Tyr, the Free City, East over the Ringing Mountains.

At a Glance

•The Forest Ridge is a dense and haunting jungle. Water is more common here than perhaps any other area on Athas, but, beyond the villages dotting the Ridge, it is remote and challenging to reach.

•By far the most populous, tribal bands of halflings call the Forest Ridge their home, though occasional groups of half-giants, or dray do as well.

•Unique for its lush features and abundant water, the Forest Ridge is nevertheless a dangerous and unforgiving environ. Competition is fierce, and wild predators lurk in the shadows. Both animals and plants can camouflage themselves in thousands of different ways to catch their prey unwary.

Notable Features

•The large Halfling tribe of the Krull have made many attempts at finding a safe and secure route through the Ringing Mountains in order to trade with Tyr. These attempts have not succeeded thus far, however the tribe is determined to find a means of trading with Tyr to increase their influence and prestige among the Halfling clans near their territory.

•Another large Halfling tribe within the Forest Ridge is the Tanuk. A fierce tribe that infuses each of it’s newborns with powerful primal spirits at birth. Known to be staunch defenders of their territory and marking their lands with large totems that are linked to powerful primal spirit creatures that defend the tribal lands from unwanted intrusion and alert the Tanuk of any unknown activities going on within their lands.

Locations within the Forest Ridge.

Forest Ridge

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