Civilization in Athas

As the party discovers new places about the world of Athas information will become available below.


■Ft. Adros
■Ft. Amber
■Ft. Courage
■Ft. Ebon
■Ft. Firstwatch
■Ft. Fyra
■Ft. Glamis
■Ft. Harbeth
■Ft. Ianto
■Ft. Inix
■Ft. Iron
■Ft. Isus
■Ft. Kalvis
■Ft. Melidor
■Ft. Ral
■Ft. Skonz
■Ft. Sandol
■Ft. Thamo
■Ft. Xalis
■Outpost 19

Geographical Features
■Black Spine Mountains
■Black Sands
■Canyon of Guthay
■Crescent Forest
■Dragon’s Bowl
■Dragon’s Palate
■Esturay of the Forked Tongue
The Forest Ridge
■Great Alluvial Sand Wastes
■The Great Ivory Plains
■The Ivory Triangle
The Krull Tribal Territory
■Lake of the Golden Dreams
■Mastyrial Mountains
■Mekillot Mountains
Ringing Mountains
■Road of Kings
■The Sea of Silt
■The Silent Forest
■The Smoking Crown Mountains
■The Southern Wastes
The Tanuk Tribal Territory
■Windbreak Mountains
■The Western Hinterlands
The Elven Tribes

■Borys’ Citidel
■Desverendel’s Valley
■Dragon’s Nest
■The Forbidden Caverns
■Iron Mine
■Kestrekel Nest
■The Mud Palace
■The Pristine Tower
■Raider’s Camp
■Sortar’s Camp
■Tenpug’s Band

■Azeth’s Rest
■Black Water
■Bitter Well
■Cleft Rock Well
■Dry Spring
■Durg’s Puddle
■Grak’s Pool
■Last Drink
■Lost Oasis
■Silver Spring

Towns & Villages
■Break Shore
■Hidden Village
■Last Port
■Lost Scale
■Mira’s Halo
■North Ledopolis
■Poortool’s Horde
■Pterran Vale
■Rumish Rock
■Salt View
■Smuggler’s Home
■Sun’s Home
■South Ledopolis

■Bleak Tower
■Blue Shrine
■Small Home
■Red Obelisk
■Three Rocks

Civilization in Athas

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