Adventure Hooks

Under Tyr: Wonderous Temple

Beneath the establishment known as Ezar’s Storehouse the group stumbled upon what seems to be some ancient temple of some kind. Most of the temple is ruined, but the pathway they took trying to catch up to Astara led them through chambers filled with strange and wonderous artifacts, along with strong primal magics that could be felt as they made their way through.

Matthias’ Leads

Matthias is sending leads to the group that will arrive at Suldin’s shop in the next day. Matthias’ Note

The Knife Man Astara the slaver.

The party has captured a man who was waiting for them outside the safehouse. Is he a common thug, part of a larger gang, an agent of the templars or something else entirely? The party followed the leads of the Knife Man and it led the group to a woman named Astara and her chronies. It has now been discovered that they are running some form of slaving ring within the walls of Tyr and that they are also targeting magic users at the whim of some higher power.

The Iron Mines

The Iron Mines of Tyr have been experiencing many setbacks in the mining process. Rumors of menacing creatures, corrupted strains of ore and missing miners abound. What is the source?

Investigate Strange Events in Nibenay

The party must evaluate whether it makes more sense to run their own caravan, and figure the price of such an endeavor in order to compare it with the lack of freedom but cheaper option of hiring on as mercenaries for a caravan headed the direction they need.

Adventure Hooks

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