Suldin Alviss

Though his face is bright and his smile charming, this young man's eyes reflect a deep sadness.


Race: Human
Class: Wizard (Mage)
Alignment: Good

A young man in his mid-twenties, of average height and slight build. Most would describe Suldin as charming and likable, the kind of person who could make friends with anyone. He dresses in simple, unassuming clothing, though he carries himself with an elegance that suggests a higher standing. His features would be considered attractive and masculine by most (despite his lack of musculature), and his light hair is always neatly trimmed, his face always smooth and clean-shaven. He looks to be bred from very fine stock, and could possibly pass for nobility given a bit of grooming and the proper attire.


To the casual observer, Suldin appears to be nothing more than the friendly proprietor of a small (albeit successful) repair business. Beneath the surface, however, he is a skilled and powerful preserver, and a fiercely devoted member of the Veiled Alliance. His magic is, in fact, the secret source of his business’ success – no amount of skill or effort can repair a wagon wheel as quickly and beautifully as a Make Whole spell, after all. Though he is obviously too well-spoken and finely educated for a simple craftsman, Suldin does not speak of his past, merely remarking to inquirers that life has given him many opportunities to learn. To his friends and close associates he may reveal that he was born in the city-state of Nibenay, or that he once spent time as an initiate in an Earth Temple, but refrains from giving any details beyond that.


While parts of Tyr may be comparatively understanding of mages, the rest of the world still sees them as a collection of villains and monsters. To avoid being discovered and persecuted as an arcanist, Suldin has learned through extensive training to disguise his spells as psionic abilities. His psychic talents, though not nearly on par with those of a psion, are sufficient enough to fool all but the most knowledgeable in the magical arts. Knowing that fireballs and lightning bolts can’t easily be passed off as a trick of the mind, he has chosen to specialize in more subtle magics, mainly mind-affecting spells from the enchantment and illusion schools. And, like the aforementioned Make Whole, he has mastered several magical rituals. Beyond his arcane abilities, Suldin has learned some primal magic from his time as an Earth Priest. He can call forth powerful earthen warriors by binding elemental spirits to constructs of stone and sand. His talent at elemental summoning contradicts his claim as merely a low-level initiate, but those that rely on him in combat can hardly complain.


As is typical of a member of the Veiled Alliance, Suldin’s ultimate goal is to bring down the Sorcerer Kings and restore the planet to its former glory, or die trying. He takes issue with some of their methods, though, namely the idea that only the safety of members should be protected. It is also obvious to his allies that his devotion has a personal bent to it. While he’s certainly fighting for the planet, there’s a hidden element to his cause that he has yet to reveal.

  • Has a lust for knowledge, and will perk up at the prospect of new and interesting information.
  • Especially fascinated by stone, soil, crystals and other elements of geology (sand, not so much).
  • Refuses to own or wear anything lavish or decadent. This is not just a means of avoiding notice, but a matter of personal ethics, as he feels it is morally wrong to flaunt wealth while others live in absolute poverty.
  • Though he dresses very simply and commonly, his clothing is always remarkably clean (thanks in no small part to the Prestidigitation spell).
  • Has a fondness for tall, strong women. If a female Half-Giant like the one pictured here were in this incarnation of the setting, he’d kneel at her feet and pronounce her a goddess.
  • Lavishes his crodlu, Toddlu, with exorbitant amounts of affection. Is willing to be uncharacteristically frivolous with his money when it comes to food and stabling for his beloved pet.
  • Uses “We” instead of “I” when referring to himself on rare occasions, though he passes this off as a slip of the tongue if questioned.

Suldin Alviss

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