Rylus Mericles


The older brother of Tithian and current patron of House Mericles. Rylus has seen his house fall very far the last two years with the betrayal of his brother against the city of Tyr. He now finds it hard to even leave the confines of his own estate for fear of daggers in the back. The very few occasions he does travel he is under heavy guard.

Regardless of this situation Rylus demands his place upon the Council and is found often arguing with the other council members about assuming his brother’s former mantle of Dictator. House Mericles, despite the ill favor of the last 2 years still has majority rights of the iron mines of Tyr as well as employing roughly 15% of Tyr’s working population through various business ventures. Therefore maintaining their place both as an important name in the city but in demanding at least a seat upon the Council even as Rylus wages political war to see himself given the title and power of dictator.


Rylus Mericles

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