Matthias Morthen

Sponsor of Veiled Alliance members in Tyr


A graying man that is slightly heavyset with a large dark beard peppered with flecks of silver. He generally wears the unassuming clothing of a laborer.


By day he is a breadmaker of middling skill, by night a man of vast power and influence within the circles of the Veiled Alliance. Matthias Morthen has served in the ranks of the Alliance his whole life, supporting the cause within Tyr endlessly and lately having seen much of his efforts rewarded. A close friend and adviser to Sadira, he has been instrumental behind the scenes in the effort to grow preservation and destroy defilers through Tyr.

His primary role currently within the Veiled Alliance is as a sponsor to other members. This role has been of ever increasing importance in Tyr as King Kalak was killed and later Tithian overthrown. As preservation magic becomes more prominent within Tyr and more widely accepted, he helps regulate the new influx in the city. Casters seeking to aid the Veiled Alliance in Tyr are all eventually sitting in a safehouse with Matthias, discussing how they might aid in the cause, and ultimately being judged by a man whose wisdom has been key to the success of the Veiled Alliance in Tyr.

Those who he deems worthy to join the revolutionary forces of the Veiled Alliance he aids as much as he can and gives them tasks and missions based on their skillset. He is the voice of direction within Tyr for the Veiled Alliance, confirring with Sadira often about the needs of the group. The last few years the scope of his work has extended outward to the rest of the Tablelands region as many other sects of the Veiled Alliance have contacted agents within Tyr exchanging information, requesting aid and help, or simply asking for more direction than their local sect can provide.

As Nanook found his way to Tyr, proclaiming through the streets and asking at street corners for those who value preservation and wish to trade with the Forest Ridge clans it was Matthias that saved him. Nanook was instructed to see him one night in a safe house in the city, and to keep his mouth shut until then. Matthias then heard Nanook’s story and helped him learn the ways of Tyr along with the dangers of discussing magic openly.

Matthias Morthen

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