A flamboyantly feminine eunuch who was a former slave to King Kalak, now working for the Veiled Alliance.


A strangely light of skin and overweight Eunuch ex-slave. Having rarely left the palace over the course of his life, regardless of rulers, he was not nearly as exposed to the harsh dark sun as much as others. Despite his weight, Maluk is very light on his feet and moves gracefully, if feminine.

He has a strange habit of wearing expensive clothes, wigs, perfumes and makeups. The more exotic the better, as he seeks to express himself after decades of forced servitude and expressionless indignity.


A member of the Veiled Alliance, Maluk is a very affluent and educated former slave. Serving in the palace of Tyr during the time of King Kalak and kept within the palace for a long while even under Tithian’s rule. Maluk was born into slavery within the palace and made a Eunuch very early in childhood. Growing up in such servitude, Maluk was more decoration than man. He heard things very few ever had the chance to and knows more about the inner workings of Tyr than most.

Upon gaining his freedom he became close friends with an attendant of Sadira. During that time he learned of the Veiled Alliance and left the palace lifestyle to become a member of the secret organization. He had served as Kalak’s book keeper, scribe and attendant himself and put his skills to work for the Veiled Alliance.

Now he finds himself using his skills and talents in many ways for the Veiled Alliance, but lately has gone to his superiors in request of some mission that may take him beyond the walls of Tyr, to allow him to see what the rest of the world offers, a chance never afforded to him while enslaved.


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