The Twilight Ascension

Annals 3: A narrow escape.

I feel as though I am only now getting a chance to breathe. I only met my new fellows just two days ago, and already I have watched as they bond and our group becomes tighter knit.

After my companions put down the gang hideout, we learned that they were after magic users and employed very loosely by a woman named Astara. Before we even had a chance to fully recover from the assault on the gang hideout, the adorable little blue man was off again to scout ahead and find us this Astara woman, that little raskul.

I could tell that we were in trouble, and just then I knew what I could do! I went off to find help, and pulled the strings I needed. I found Kat’tho in some disgusting hovel of a room, shining his nasty little bulbous…. thorax? butt?…. I don’t know. It’s disgusting! Anyhow, after a bit of favors the Alliance let us bring him with us on our adventure to Nibenay. I brought him back to Suldin’s place and left the bug man with them to acclimate. I then got what will likely be the last comfortable night of sleep I’ll get in a while back at the estate.

The next morning we spent working out a plan of attack upon Astara’s warehouse. We decided to attack at night to minimize the amount of turmoil. Everything happened so fast and was such a blur. It was absolutely frightening! Our adorable blue Spluke charged in while the rest of the group battled a vicious host of enemies who turned out to all be slavers! Slavers, in Tyr, are you KIDDING me!?

All seemed lost, Kat’tho and Rygar bravely took an immense punishment while Suldin and Nanook did their best to tear down the enemy defenses from the outside. Things seemed to be under control, if only barely, but Spluke was still missing. I watched from a distance, getting the best view from a little building across the alley as Rygar fell. In that moment I knew the group was in trouble and I still hadn’t caught sight of Spluke. It took only a few moments and the group began to get overwhelmed. Kat’tho, barely holding together fled the combat and joined me. I can’t even begin to express how good it felt not to be left alone at that time, even if it was the nasty bug man keeping me company.

There was no choice nut to flee. I led Kat’tho through one of the tunnels into Under-Tyr and made our way to Marrhias’ place where I knew we would be safe. As monstrous and dangerous as Under-Tyr is, I find that it has always been a place of refuge and information for me. When we got to Matthias’ house I explained the situation and both Matthias and I went on our way to gather what information we could about this Astara, leaving the bug man to recover.

I was amazed to find everyone still alive and waiting when I returned! Mangled and battered, but alive! As we discussed what had transpired with Matthias and the rest of our group rested their aches and pains I went out to attempt to gather some basic supplies through town. When I returned, everyone was ready for sleep.

Now I sit here, penning our tale, and wondering what is to come next. Before passing out I heard mention of finding Astara again and launching another attack on her. They said that they almost defeated her and her goons when escaping from her dungeons. I look at these new companions of mine, no, these new friends. I wonder how fleeting these friendships will be, if today is any indication then some of these men will be dead before too long. Which leads me to wonder what I have gotten myself into….

Even so, I will do my best to help them all. Before I head to sleep myself, I’ll help Spluke. When his hands were crushed, it ruined his beautiful nails. I think I’ll redo them! I might even do something with Suldin’s hair. If these are to be our last days as we run headlong into enemies of unknown substance, we might as well look good doing it!


ChaosShifter ChaosShifter

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