The Twilight Ascension

Annals 2: First Meeting.

I had only just met my new companions and already I find adventure!

Matthias had arranged the meeting with us and told us of our mission. We are to investigate the strange events happening around Nibenay. Apparently there have been sightings of Drey congregations, undead and other nastiness that I would rather not think about. Our goal is to find the source of these problems to see if they are somehow linked to defiling magic, the Sorcerer-Kings or worse. Information from Veiled Alliance contacts in the area seem to be inconclusive, so we’re being sent.

Too bad the mission doesn’t come with a caravan and iron chests of gold. Instead we need to find our own way. Luckily we are not critical on time, as our goals also hinge on more broat topics, like investigating the other sects of the Alliance in other places as we travel. Until we can gather the coin and come up with a concrete plan of action to get from Tyr to Nibenay though, I will be content with helping my new friends with the odd jobs we are sure to perform here in town.

Speaking of my new friends, what specimens!!!

The first one I laid eyes upon had the most exquisite shade of blue pigment to his skin! I had read about Spluke the goblin in Sadira’s notes, and always did dream of meeting him. He was a nice enough fellow, a bit on the ugly side, but I tried to help him with that. I found a darling shade that would go with his onyx pools he calls eyes. I can tell he hates covering up under that cloak of his and would rather walk proud, flaunting that beautiful shimmering skin to the world. If he were not my friend I would be half tempted to skin and tan his hide to make a wonderful cloak, if only he had more skin.

In the room was Nanook. He is a strange one, about the same size as Spluke, however his smell is strange and his mannerisms foreign. He seems to know enough about the land though, even if what he knows is disjointed and from the tales of an isolated tribe of uncivilized critters on the other side of the mountains. Might be I need to braid his hair, that may loosen his lips and get a more jovial attitude from him. For that matter, might be he just needs to get out of that gutter he lives in around the Bard’s Quarter. How dreadful!

Rygar Matsu, what an incredible creature he is! The beast of a man seems hot just to be around and stands as a rippling stone of man in a land of smaller creatures. Beneath that exotic armor he has muscles that seem to be exploding with some inner fire. His precision with blade and knowledge of battle are mysterious to me, but I shall tell his tale to the best of my ability in the forthcoming pages.

Lastly there was Suldin Alviss, with his gorgeous Nibenay lines etched into his face. The man is a subtle one, but cuts a fine looking face in any crowd. He will be indespensible as we cross to Nibenay I am sure, as he has made the journey before and is sure to have contacts when we reach the city. It is said he rides a magnificent Crodlu named Toddlu, how cute! I can’t wait to see him racing the sands upon his loyal mount as we tackle the desert!

Despite the wonderful meeting we all had, it was dampened a bit as we left. Some lowly thugs assaulted us, well… They are assaulting the four of them right now. At first I was SO very frightened, but my four companions sprang into action without hesitating. After I calmed myself I moved around the building we were stuck in to get a better look. I write this as my fellows leave to dispatch those brutes who are now fleeing.

Spluke and Rygar led the charge, crashing headlong into these dastardly thugs. I missed alot of this in my fear, fretting like a child. I think I may have even broke a nail, which would be a travesty. I shall get better at this though, and learn to observe more thoroughly. For a moment I thought Spluke and Rygar would get overrun by these wicked men. However the tide of battle turned and my friends pushed back, causing them to attempt retreat. As they gave ground, a few fled.

Oh! It looks like we have one alive! I must catch up with my battle hardened men!


ChaosShifter ChaosShifter

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