The Twilight Ascension

Annals 1: The Upcoming Meeting

Tonight I begin what will surely be the story of my life. Ashe came to me, telling me Sadira wished to see me.


What a sight, such power she has! Ashe and I discussed the details of the meeting as we left my chambers and ventured to Sadira’s offices. She thought I would be used for a mission, that I might be leaving soon. I was nervous and excited as we walked and talked. The whole thing happened so fast, I must have looked a mess!

When we got there and I was presented with Sadira, I found myself reflecting on these last few decades of my life. The endless toil for King Kalak, the feeling of being lost under Tithian. Now I had purpose! I work for the Veiled Alliance and help keep inventory on activities through the Tablelands for Sadira! Although rarely called upon for anything besides paperwork, accountings and the whispers abound, I am doing good! Making a difference!

Sadira then gave me the news. Tomorrow night I shall go down into the Slave Pits to the fifth paddock. As much as that place frightens me, what with the history of abuse and now filthy streets and unruly night time squatters. I am excited! I will be meeting with Matthias Morthen! Sadira told me that I would be given a mission by him that would take me throughout the city and beyond. That I will be working to take accounts abroad and send them back, and aid fellow members of the Alliance in any way I can.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I must attend to all of my duties before I go, get things in order, and pack. PACK! Has anyone ever had so many lovely things as I? I must attend the Elven Market for some luggage, certainly. I am to arrive earlier than the others to discuss my duties in the exact with Matthias. I wonder who it is I will be working with? I know all the names but none of the faces. How exciting this will all be!


ChaosShifter ChaosShifter

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