Dark Sun: The Twilight Ascension

Dark Sun: The Twilight Ascension is a D&D 4E campaign in the Dark Sun setting. It follows a group of adventurers working with the Veiled Alliance as they investigate the strange migration of the Dray and the mysterious unrest afflicting the eastern Tablelands. Amidst the vast changes of the Tablelands and the violent conflict that has rocked those that cling to life in the unforgiving deserts, an evil near forgotten to the world has returned and has a vision far beyond the scope of any other alive.

The campaign runs bi-weekly (or as close to that as we can get) and this will be your hub of information for the campaign as the party strives forward through the wastes.

The group will start the campaign at level 8, each with a background and history that will help shape their future.

A lot of general information about people and places will be up for players to view. This information is common knowledge and would be known to the PCs in game. As the PCs’ adventure continues more in-depth information will be posted about the various people and places that the PCs encounter. In addition, places and people from character backstories will receive more extensive information based on character knowledge of these people and places.

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The Twilight Ascension

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